Servicing & Maintenance

Good air conditioner maintenance procedures start after installation and you should always ensure that your air conditioner filter is clean and clear of any contaminates. Whilst air filters can generally be cleaned by the homeowner, there are certain other items that need to be occasionally checked to ensure that your air conditioning system is running smoothly, for example refrigerant levels, cooling coils, condensing unit and drip trays.

In our experience, both new and old systems require some routine maintenance and therefore we recommend regular preventative check ups in order to save you possible headaches and bigger costs in the long run. Whilst the interval between servicing is largely dependent upon how long the system runs each day and how many people it serves, we recommend professional servicing for residential customers at least once every 12 months.

Our air conditioner service covers the following items:

      • cleaning of all return air filters
      • checking of air conditioner refrigeration systems
      • checking of refrigerant charges/ levels
      • testing and observation of air conditioner units for noise and vibration
      • checking and adjustment as necessary of thermostats/ controls
      • check and deodorise evaporator coil on indoor unit
      • checking all electrical/ electronic equipment routine operations, contactors and switches cut in/ cut out, check amperage currents of compressors and motors and lubricate bearings (where accessible)
      • clearing any blocked condensation drains