Carrier Air Conditioners

Carrier Innovation. Carrier heating and cooling Air Conditioners use intelligent design and technology to provide you with efficient and effective heating and cooling from the comfort of your home and/or office. Carrier Air Conditioners are also ozone friendly with a fresh, modern look and can boast a good standing reputation from many years of production.

Regular service on your air conditioner will improve the life span of the air conditioner and give you the desired satisfaction in all aspects.




Knockout panels allow for the connection of air ducts, which will create a healthier, more comfortable indoor environment.

Elite Plus Inverter

Rather than using a fixed speed compressor, the Carrier Inverter system uses a variable speed compressor, which means the cooling and heating capacities vary in order to suit Indoor conditions.

Inverter Light Commercial

After rapidly attaining set temperatures, Carrier inverter air conditioners delicately adjust input currents and output capacities, maintaining a stable temperature with minimal fluctuation.

Gold Xpower Inverter

The high efficiency of Carrier’s Inverter comes from the latest DC inverter technology, which incorporates DC compressors, DC fan motors and advanced control routines.

DC Inverter Air Conditioners

Carrier inverters can automatically maximise compressor speeds, resulting in higher capacities and powerful performance. This enable the user to attain the desired room temperature much faster.


Ionisers generate large quantities of negative ions, refreshing air, killing germs and help remove smoke and dust particles.

Allegro 3

A host of new features are incorporated into the unit, allowing higher levels of user comfort. Great care was taken to ensure air is evenly distributed and humidity levels and unwanted noise is minimized.